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This is my formed opinion on the different types of Witchcraft; however, everyone who practices Witchcraft is not the same and my opinions and views maybe completely different from that of a fellow Witch. Ask one thousand Witches what they do, believe, or practice and you will receive one thousand different answers.

Hedge Witch – Seems to be a rare craft these days and Hedge Witches share many characteristics with Shamans. They seem to be the wisest Witches when they reach the age of an elder. Hedge Witches are considered healers and teachers. Hedge Witches focus on trances and often times practice in Covens though some work alone.

Green Witch – Has long since been consider ‘eco witches’ and tend to be involved with environmental works and defense; many even have their own  gardens where they grow as much food as they can for themselves. Many love herbology and work mostly with plants, flowers, trees, and the beneficial creatures of the garden. All Green Witches have a strong love for nature.

Garden Witch – A Garden Witch spends most of his/her/their time in the garden and is similar to Green Witches, but is less involved in politics and environmental defense.

Cottage Witch – These Witches are the homemakers, and many love to cook, sew, knit, bake, garden, make jewelry, and do other homemaking hobbies. Their focus is on family, home and daily needs.

Kitchen Witch – A Kitchen Witch is much like a Cottage Witch, but they focus more in the kitchen then other Witches do. They love cooking and baking, and are crafty homemakers as well.

Hearth Witch – They are basically the same as a Kitchen Witch, but hearth means the floor of a fireplace and that imagery causes a slight variation. Hearth Witches are viewed as more traditional.

Angelic Witch – Is a Witch who works with or on the Angelic realm or with Angels.

Faery Witch – Is a Witch who works with or on the Angelic realm or with Faeries. Angelic and Faery can, at times, be used interchangeably.

Light Witch – Is a Witch who focuses in on the day, sun, light, and heat. Often mistakenly referred to as “White Magic(k)”.

Grey Witch – Is a Witch who focuses in on finding the balance between light and dark.

Dark Witch – Is a Witch who focuses in on the night, moon, stars, darkness, and coolness. Often mistakenly referred to as “Black Magic(k)”.

Chaos Witch – Seems to be a practice all of its own, and I have had a hard time pinning down an actual simple definition. It seems that Chaoists use no true rules or guidelines in their works except for the power of belief. I would like to know more about this path from someone who identifies as a Chaoist.

Religious Witch – like Wicca, Stregheria, Voodoo, Asatru, Satanist, Christian, Dianic, and Druid. Are Witches who incorporate Witchcraft into his/her/their religious path. A Witch can be from any religion.

Cultural Witch – like Egyptian, Norse, Greek, Celtic, Roman, and Chinese. Are Witches who focus in on the culture parts of the practice(s) of their choice. These Witches may or may not be from the culture they choose to focus on.

Ceremonial Witch – Are the most disciplined in the Witch community, and rely mainly on rituals and ceremonies. Their practice is often referred to as ‘High Magic(k)’ They feel everything must be done with great accuracy and must be correct. Ceremonial Witches are often the ones with the fancy tools and lovely gowns.

Traditional Witch – This has many meanings, but this is how I see it. Traditional Witches consider the passing down the knowledge of Witchcraft to their children from their own experiences to be a traditional practice, and is rarely referred to as a Hereditary Witch.

Folk Witch – I have never been able to find much on this form of Witchcraft, so I have given it my own definition. A Folk Witch studies other well-known traditional forms of Witchcraft. Like Hoodoo, Pow-Wow, and Book of Shadows’ by other Witches sharing their experiences. It is a less personal form of Traditional Witchcraft. I would love to know more about Witches who focus on Folk Magic(k) and their practices from someone who identifies as a Folk Witch.

Eclectic Witch – Is a Witch who pulls from many different traditions forming his/her/their own form of Witchcraft.

Solitary Witch – Is any Witch who practices Witchcraft on their own.

Coven Witch – Is any Witch who practices Witchcraft in a group.

This is a very vague summery on the types of Witchcraft. Many Witches don’t identify as any of these and most Witches will mix types and sub types together. Now what do I identify as? I identify as someone who practices Witchcraft or simply Witch. I do what comes naturally.

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